What you will get from my programs

Recognize and develop your strongest gifts and abilities
You will learn to balance your thoughts and various meditation techniques so that you feel unstuck and can drop into your intuitive flow more easily.
You will develop your gifts of hearing and know more quickly information from spirit and your higher self.
You will be supported to learn to make sense of signs and symbols from spirit.

Grow confidence in your gifts
You will have the to opportunity to practice techniques to build confidence to release fear in making intuitive decisions so that you feel more free to act.
You will receive validation from fellow students and Christi that you are on the “right” track.
Stop second guessing yourself so much.

Help yourself and others
Increased comfort level to use your intuition in all areas of your life.
You won't miss and will be able to recognize opportunities in your life so that you can focus on your abundant choices.
Have more patience with yourself so that you can spend less time beating yourself up.
Help family, friends and potentially clients (if you choose) by offering your gifts of connection so that they feel more at peace in their lives.Type your paragraph here.

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Do you get gut feelings and "just know" things? 
Do you want to know more?
Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with Christi to learn how she can support you in your growth.

Intuition Development Coaching

What you will get from me

You will receive my dedicated, heart centered, down to earth personality imbued with my confidence in your gifts to receive the intuitive guidance that we all have the ability to receive. I will hold a sacred container for each of your growth potential yet not allow you to play small and diminish your gifts. This will keep you engaged and on a continuous gentle upward tick of intuitive development and growth.Type your paragraph here.

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