Guided Meditations CDs

Meditations for Stress Relief and Energetic Flow

~Experience the Flow of Life

Be guided to release stress, fear and anxiety that can be so debilitating in your life. Release what stops you from fully participating in the joys of life. Additionally, you'll be guided to release the energetic hooks that can deplete your energy throughout the day.

** BONUS ** Christi's Grounding Meditation is also included

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Meditations for Focus and Protection

~Travel Through Life with Ease

Some days are harder than others to get out of the house in the "right" frame of mind. The first meditation helps you to focus and be efficient throughout your day. The second meditation will help protect the wonderful energetic force that you are, allowing you to shine and feel less drained by others' negativity.
** BONUS** Christi's Grounding Meditation is also included

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Order BOTH CDs

By ordering both CDs you will receive a special discount.

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Handwrapped Organic California White Sage


Check back Spring 2017 for a new harvest.

In Native American Traditions sage is used for smudging the body and energetically clearing a home, office or other personal space.

7" Sage and Lavender Bundle for Purification and Peace

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7" Sage and Eucalyptus Bundle for Healing

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7" Sage and Rosemary Bundle for Mental Clarity
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5" Sage Bundle
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**These products are not intended to be ingested, additionally they are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, if you are sick or think you might be sick see your doctor.**