What people are saying...

"Oh my Goddesses!! Christi and her mom Elaine were spectacular! I came in their space a little nervous as to what would come up. They had a calming way about them, which in turn allowed me to let go of the nerves, open up to them and what was about to come through. They tapped in with some spirits that are constantly by my side, my guides, who have been described to me once before by a different psychic from England. I was in shock, it just confirmed them even more. It instantly became clear to me that this was really happening. What was about to come through?! As they described the messages from my guides, it validated so many things I have been working on and it gave me hope and clarity that I am on the right track! They also tapped into my love life, and I am so excited for what they saw! Christi even mentioned that things would open up for me more after an event I'm going to in September...I instantly was like, wait what am I going to in September? Light bulb! I AM GOING TO AN EVENT IN SEPTEMBER! I walked out of their room not wanted to leave! I left there feeling filled with reassurance that I'm exactly where I am supposed to be. I felt supported, and I felt hopeful for what I can create in this life! Thank you ladies!! I can't wait for you to help me tap into my intuition as well! I can't thank them enough for creating such a safe space! I recommend anyone and everyone to open their time and hearts to these ladies, incredibly gifted!"

~Tyler Renee



"When I was in a very dark place of complete uncertainty, I knew a session with Christi would help give me something to grasp onto, and it did. I had been looking for a place to live for several months, and trying to decide what exactly I wanted. Christi helped me to envision the potential of what it could be- even giving me some clues about how it would look, how long my commute to school would be. When I finally landed in my home- I knew it was the right place! Thanks to Christi, I had more clarity around what to look for, and a greater sense of knowing when I found it. Christi gives you hope when you are confused and feel restless. She sees your potential and gives you insights into your blind spots. I highly recommend seeking her support if you need guidance. She is a gifted intuitive, brings a grounded and healing presence, and really know her stuff!!




"I had given up all hope of ever finding my biological family back in 2008. Then a little over a year ago, I had a reading with Christi and she mentioned that I would find them within two years. Her reading inspired me to start searching again, but with the use of DNA testing, and just 14 months after that reading, I have been connected with my biological family. Her words brought me new hope, and I am so grateful for her and her gifts.  This has been a truly life-changing experience!"
Woodbridge, VA


"Christi was awesome! I still can't believe how perfect this session was! Christi was on point with everything she told me. It was not only informative but it was extremely therapeutic. It feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can't wait to book another session with her!"
~Lana J., USA

"I initially went to Christi for my very first reading. I had never did such a thing and went with some hesitation. She is warm and patient and explained her background and how she would go about the reading. She was thorough and spot on--crazy spot on. Her readings were not general comments or I fed into the hopes of being contacted by someone. I was so blown away by her work in a month I went again. She is nothing short of amazing. There are so many psychic mediums out there--tons. Something led me to her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a completely honest, true and passionate person who can reach spirit and help you to discover those who love you and care for you."
~Maria S., USA


"I would recommend Christi to anyone in need of guidance from a truly gifted psychic who is vey kind in her approach. Her ability to detail current and future events and pin point time down to the actual hour would impress anyone.  She is a true blessing with gifts that are amazing.  A reading with Christi will change your life and help you make difficult choices.  Words can not express my gratitude to her!"

Mclean, VA, USA


"I met with Christi May of 2014. I was in a very bad place as I had been going thru a rough patch the last few years. I was going thru a divorce and adjusting to being a new parent consecutively. One of the topics I was most interested in was love. Christi told me love would find me soon and provided me with a name and said he would treat me better than I could imagine. I stated that I was so guarded and non approachable, how would I know? Long story short, February 2015 he found me when I least expected. The same guy that Christi told me was coming for me. On our first date, he was wearing what Christi said he wound be wearing. And she was right, the love was undeniable and my knight in shining armor exceeded all exceptions. Today, 7 months later, I can honestly say that this is the first time I've experienced a love like this. All my wants, needs and qualities that I wanted in a man, Christi said my soul mate would possess. Our entire love story from beginning to present, without a doubt, was fate. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Christi. She made me feel content and at ease. Most importantly, she definitely made a believer out of me. Because now, I'm living the life she had already foreseen."


Virginia, USA

"Everything you think you are going to get after reviewing Christi's website is exactly what you get as soon as you meet her. She welcomes you into her home with open arms. The whole experience was calming and exciting at the same time. She is honest and humble and that is apparent moments after meeting her. She truly has a gift. It's something special. I have never experienced anything as honest as what I did with Christi. Life altering and inspirational. Much respect and appreciation."
~Jennifer Rinthalukay
Richmond, VA., USA

"I want to let you know how helpful and reassuring I found my reading with you. You definitely addressed some topics that have had me in turmoil lately. I have used your advice in working on these issues."
Richmond, VA., USA

" The reading with Christi was a wonderful experience. She is easy to talk with and made me feel comfortable right away. The reading was informative and eye opening. I would highly recommend Christi and will definitely get another reading in the future. An added plus is that the phone sessions are recorded so that you have the opportunity to listen to the reading when convenient." 
~Carolyn G.
Oakland, CA., USA

"All of the things that I needed to hear came forth in spirit....It was such a great experience to hear spirit speaking through you Christi. You did not know me, know much of anything about me and here you were, speaking to my deepest fears and insecurities. It was a comfortable and safe atmosphere to be lead on a journey of reflection and openness."
Fredericksburg, VA., USA
First experience and the session was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The only words that can describe my session would be "A RELAXING ESCAPE!"
Tappahannock, VA., USA

I would like to say how pleased that I was with my reading from Christi. She was awesome, she welcomed me into her home as if I was family. Great experience I have to say. I highly recommend her! She spent the time with me to make sure I understood what my reading meant. I received all the answers to the questions and doubts.
~Melissa Carpenter
Aroda, VA., USA

"...the whole experience blew me away. I spent over an hour meeting
with Christi and my performance in the work place/confidence
has never been better. I was able to take back the things I lost.
I was able to recognize the areas in my life that led me to believe
I couldn't do the job. Christi and I did exercises to help reduce stress and I was able to vocalize out loud exactly what I was feeling. It was the first
time in my life I was able to do that with someone who had no
background knowledge of my life and the things that were weighing on me.
As a result, the relationships in my life improved, my work improved,
and my whole outlook changed. I would definitely recommend
Christi to anyone who feels lost, confused, sad, depressed, and lacking in confidence."
Virginia, USA

"All anxiety disappears as soon as the door is open upon my knock. The moment you are in Christi's presence, you feel an immediate sense of calm overcome your senses." It is a warm welcome and I feel nothing but intrigue within my excitement. It is amazing to be in the presence of someone who has been touched by the light, and to see her tears mirror my own. By the end of the session, I am unraveled. Christi has opened me up, and I feel the weight lifted from my shoulders. It is a true blessing, and sitting in that chair was the beginning to a determination within my own path that I was too blind to see."
~Sarah Perkins
Fredericksburg, VA., USA

"She is an inspiration to me and all who know her."
"Christi Ahl puts so much of herself in everything she does to help others."
Fredericksburg, VA., USA

"Thank you so much for the session, it was eye opening. You have a gift that more people need to know about."
Oceanside, CA., USA